911 Hidden Truths

911 Hidden Truths
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Kevin Ryan Returns to Visibility 9-11 del

Kevin Ryan Returns to Visibility 9-11


  1. I seen a youtube vid called
    Timesten smackdown.and It linked to this twoofer blog


  2. UScops.com - Cops and Police Force Resources

    9/11 Debunked: "Molten Metal" Explained Video

    Debunking every single 9/11 conspiracy theory, one at a time.

  3. Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy theories and Controlled Demolition Myths


  4. Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories

    On Debunking 9/11 Debunking: Examining Dr. David Ray Griffin’s Latest Criticism of the NIST World Trade Center Investigation
    Ryan Mackey

    Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories, Volume 1, Issue 3

    Peer-Reviewed Papers:

    World Trade Center Building 7 and the Lies of the 9/11 “Truth Movement”
    Mark Roberts

    Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories, Volume 1, Issue 2

    Peer-Reviewed Papers:

    There Are No Missile Defenses at the Pentagon

    Firefighter’s Interviews - Sounds of Explosives or Explosive Sounds in the Towers

    Good Science and 9-11 Demolition Theories - An online paper
    Mike King

    A Critical Analysis of the Collapse of WTC Towers 1,2&7 From a Conventional Explosives and Demolitions Industry Viewpoint
    Brent Blanchard

    Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories, Volume 1, Issue 1

    Peer-Reviewed Papers:


  5. Debunking 9/11
    Advanced search
    About 250,000 results


  6. Is Timestwit annoying


  7. ****Why have my historical posts been deleted****
    I cant see post 9 mod...

    Mods are paided anti-govi shills

  8. "truthers are retarded"


  9. Training for twoofers, a training course for the serious twoofer
    S.L.Ackjawed, P.E.(ret)

    The following training course is offered as a public service to wanna-be twoofers in the attempt to make the debate between normal people and twoofers more challenging. The fact that our public schools have failed us, is clearly implied herein, and is the basic reason that S.L. Ackjawed, P.E.(ret) has generously offered his training services. Mr. Ackjawed has extensive training experience in the civil engineering field, as well as assisting students of our failed public high schools to obtain an education.
    The situation of the debate between twoofers and normal people has become untenable at best. The reason appears to be a result of the failed state of our public school system. Public Schools in the USA have been granting a high school diploma to any that maintain a satisfactory attendance record. Therefore, those with no discernable ability to comprehend what they have read have been granted high school diplomas. Those with no discernable skills to determine which evidence may or may not be credible have been granted high school diplomas. Those who have no debate skills, other than resorting to insults, name-calling and race baiting have been granted high school diplomas.
    Shockingly, in some cases these individuals have been granted diplomas with honors!
    This training course is a laudable attempt by Mr. S.L.Ackjawed to correct these failings of public policies.

  10. Part One:
    In order to successfully engage in debates surrounding the events of 911, one must have access to youtube. (YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.). Youtube is THE source of all information regarding every conspiracy theory known to mankind. There is simply no substitute for youtube and the wealth of information that can be found in the videos that exist therein. One thing to remember about youtube is that in the rare case that one can’t find just the right video to prove one’s point, one can easily upload the required video. This allows the user to then post the video on one of many message boards, while claiming credibility because it came from youtube!
    Note the search box near the top of the page on the youtube homepage. This search box is the twoofer’s best friend. Searches can be performed by;
    a) subject matter of the video,
    b) b)the username of the user who uploaded the video (try Terral) and finally,
    c) c) general topic
    The serious twoofer must remember to post as many youtube videos as possible in one post. This confuses the defenders of the official 911-commission report to no end. It also serves to tie up their time, allowing the twoofer to post more before the opposing side has time to watch the first ones. This is an excellent tactic in the quest for the real truth. The more the opposition is tied up, the less chance they will have to actually respond to the propaganda that the twoofer has posted. In the war between the twoofers and the defenders of the official story, propaganda MUST be used. Facts alone are not enough. In fact, right here at the beginning it would be best to acknowledge, at least to oneself, that actual facts are not the friend of twoofers. Youtube, because it contains very few videos that convey actual facts, is the twoofers best friend.

  11. Part Two:
    In addition to recognizing that youtube is the treasure trove of twoofer ammunition in the on-going war with the defenders of the official story, the serious twoofer must also follow a few basic rules of conduct.
    a) Once a youtube video is posted by the twoofer, one must never respond to any challenges to the video, it’s age; it’s source, or whether it actually contains relevant facts or is simply bullshit. This tactic will serve the twoofer well in the quest to squelch any objections to the videos posted. Simply sit back and let those that object to the content of the video posted argue without a response. This will wear them out and at some point, after not responding, simply post the statement that your video contains “indisputable evidence” and has withstood every challenge it was subjected to.
    b) The right of free speech is a very important and useful tool to be used skillfully by the twoofer. There is simply no better way to silence or discredit an adversary in a debate than by labeling the adversary an “official government disinformation agent” or perhaps a “Bush dupe”. Do this early and often, it will serve the serious twoofer well. In addition, when the adversary responds with calling the twoofer a name, respond immediately by claiming foul. After all, name calling isn’t debate, and those reasonable people will take this accusation seriously, while the twoofer can reasonably be expected to ignore the same charges leveled against them as they are not attempting to debate, but to spread an important message. The serious twoofer must believe absolutely that the end justifies the means. Any action, no matter how treasonous or despicable, can be justified by the importance of getting this important message to the public.
    c) The serious twoofer, at all costs, must maintain an air of superior intelligence. There is absolutely nothing wrong with informing your adversary how much more intelligent you are than them. The only justification the twoofer needs for this statement is the fact that they believe the “official story, the twoofer is intelligent enough to see the truth. Always, always accuse your adversaries of ignorance and stupidity in your first response to them. I cannot stress this tactic enough, it is simply that important.
    d) The serious twoofer MUST make free use of the following terms; ‘indisputable truth’, ‘expert’, ‘structurally impossible’, ‘defying the laws of physics’, ‘undeniable truth’, ‘irrational denial’. All of these terms can be used successfully with any youtube video that the twoofer has posted. They are like the trump cards in a card game. They should be played as such early and often.

  12. e) Deny any information from the following sources as disinformation: Official government documents of any kind, all articles and quotes from US media sources (except of course Prison Planet, Alex Jones is a GOD!!!), Popular Mechanics magazine (must always be denounced as a tool of the Rothschild dynasty), national geographic (just a cover for the bush controlled us government), All Israeli sources (do I really need to explain this one?)

  13. Part Three:
    In conclusion, the following points are important to remember.
    a) No matter the outcome of any argument the twoofer engages in, once it is over the twoofer must claim victory. This is usually done by claiming to “have taken the denier to school”, or “PWNED him”. Never admit to being wrong or losing an argument. This only serves to hurt the movement as a whole, as well as to diminish the credibility of the twoofer.
    b) Always, always discredit the sources or the points made by any adversary. This is actually best done by never addressing the point the adversary was attempting to make. One of the best ways to do this is to pronounce the source as a tool of the government disinformation campaign, and to question the intelligence of the adversary as well. (An example would be “Oh, you expect me to put any stock into what the police on the ground at the time reported? Well, you’re simply too stupid to see they are just a tool of this corrupt government, and part of the cover-up! What an imbecile you are!”)
    c) Refrain from any attempts to discuss anything reasonably and rationally. Reason is the enemy of the twoofer. The end justifies the means.
    d) Once in awhile, a twoofer has his/her right of free speech violated by being thrown off one of these important message boards. If that happens to a twoofer, the choices are one of two.
    1) One can create a ‘sock-puppet account’, and attempt to continue posting under a new ID, hoping the administrators don’t notice.
    2) One can simply wait and plead to the administrators to be reinstated. Any promises to follow the rules in the future, or apologies for one’s actions are acceptable to make, and ignore. The end justifies the means, the message is simply too important to bother with any pesky rules.
    e) Always whine. Whining always appeals to the basic instinct in others to provide sympathy. Whining always increases one’s standing in the message board community, and any other community as well.

  14. f) Never defend any statement made. While it sounds counter-productive, attempting to defend one’s previous statements is simply going backwards. The movement is way to important to go backwards. Always ignore any attempts to get you to address any previous statement you may have made. It is counter-productive to the movement. The end justifies the means.
    g) Always attack any statement made by an opponent, on any grounds possible. Some examples of reasons to attack an adversary’s statements are; grammar, spelling, typos, username of the attacker, never, ever, address the point of the statement the adversary made. That is simply counter-productive, and the movement is too important for that. Simply attacking the one that posted it is enough to claim victory in the argument. It makes a good opportunity to claim that the attacker has been “schooled” or “PWNed”. Never let this opportunity pass, never. I simply cannot repeat this enough. NEVER, EVER, ADDRESS ANY POINT THE ADVERSARY IS MAKING! Always attack the person making such a post against the movement. The end justifies the means.
    h) Personal feelings must be left at the door when engaging in arguments with those on the other side. Twoofers will be called ‘morons’, ‘idiots’, ‘retarded’, even ‘treasonous’. In spite of the fact that all these things are true, the serious twoofer must ignore these insults for the good of the movement.

  15. Part Four: Conclusion:
    In closing, Mr. S.L.Ackjawed must take this time to commend the serious twoofer on his/her tenacity. Despite the overwhelming opposition to the message, despite being on the wrong side of facts, logic and reason, the twoofer has bravely chosen to forge ahead for the good of his/her fellow man. Despite the ridicule, the overwhelming public disapproval and especially in spite of the fact they are free to spout such nonsense and remain free from prosecution, the twoofer continues to claim the government is behind 911, and will imprison or enslave any that dissent from the official story. For this tenacity in the face of logic and reason, the message board community holds the twoofer in high regard.

  16. Geeeeeeee I wonder WHY people would THINK you use sock puppets

    Timesten wrote:
    Everyone has house rules and they have every right enforce those rules, I can’t come to your house and just say anything I please because it’s your house, you would have every right to ask me to leave if I did. The same applies here, this is Topix’s house and the forums mods and admins are required to uphold Topix’s rules.(However they might not always do so)

    No Rules wrote:
    Everyone has house rules and they have every right enforce those rules, I can’t come to your house and just say anything I please because it’s your house, you would have every right to ask me to leave if I did. The same applies here, this is Topix’s house and the forums mods and admins are required to uphold Topix’s rules.(However they might not always do so)

    puppets !?!?!?!?


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